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Naturin 2 Health Benefits

A friend of mine told me about this great herbal drink to help my immune system that a lot of Chinese have been using for a long time. I though I would give it a try to share the health benefits, here is the article I found on Naturin 2

Naturin 2 is a very high quality health drink that is uniquely formulated with carefully selected fine natural ingredients based on the rich theories of traditional Chinese health care science and philosophy. It is made from the extracts of a number of precious natural plants and herbs with the purest spring water from the Northwest of the US. All ingredients in our products are entirely natural and are finely extracted – no preservatives, artificial flavors and coloring are added. Naturin 2 has undergone rigorous scientific testing and has been found to be very safe and has no adverse effects on the human body. In addition, Naturin 2 has a very smooth and pleasant taste.
Product Benefits:
The revolutionary characteristics of this product are to maintain the balance of the body’s natural healing power. Studies have demonstrated that drinking Naturin 2 assists the body in increasing the number and boosting the activity of Natural Killer Cells and Lymphokine-Activated Killer cells, which protects and enhances the white blood cell and lymphocyte cell system in the body.* Naturin 2 is an ideal natural herbal health drink for everyone in all health conditions.**
  • 100% natural herbal drink, pure and natural
  • remarkable to help maintain the human body's immune system
  • increase the body's ability to rejuvenate, restore, revitalize and regenerate, speed up healing
  • rich in antioxidant properties
Ganoderma, Polyporus Umbellatus, Plantago Seeds, Radix Polygont Multiflon, Millettia Root and Vine, Privet Fruit, Licorice Root, Milk-Vetch Root, Hedyotis Diffusa Wild, Jujube Fruit.
Of the above ingredients Ganoderma, Licorice root, Astragalus root, Plantago seeds, Ligustrum lucidum fruit are top herbs in antioxidants.
Suggested Use
For healthy individuals, recommended intake is 1 vial daily in the morning on an empty stomach. For those whose health condition is poor to very poor, the recommended intake is 1 to 2 vials for 2-3 times daily before each meal.
* Clinical and Experimental Studies: Since 1990, Greenland Inc., USA had begun to conduct a series of systematic, clinical and experimental studies of Naturin 2. Results showed Naturin 2 to have the capacity to induce positive, stimulatory effects on the human body’s immune system, especially the activities of the NK cells, LAK cells, and lymphocytes in tumor patients. As such, Naturin 2 is believed to help restore and regulate the immune system thereby boosting its ability to fight against various types of cancer, chronic diseases, and viral infections.
  1.  It has the ability to help suppress the growth of cancerous cells and prevent their spread.
  2.  As it strengthens the immune system, Naturin 2, alleviates the severe side effects of chemotherapy and radiation like hair loss, nausea, vomiting, reduction of white blood cells count, etc.
  3.  It is able to augment immune responses to protect the human body from many viral infections that cause vicious maladies such as cold and flu, hepatitis, stomach problems, pneumonia, and bladder infection.
  4.  Naturin 2 can also modify the immune system, restoring and enhancing its natural balance to combat malignant diseases like diabetes, lupus, gout, and allergies that stem from an askew, impaired immune system.
  5.  With its overall restorative and strengthening effects on the immune system, Naturin 2 is thought to help delaying the aging process and keeping patrons looking more youthful.
The Mediating Effects of Naturin 2 on Homeostasis
Naturin 2 is an all-powerful health drink made from various natural plants that act as a strong immune system booster. In the present study of Naturin 2, we also examined its effect on the hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells from normal human umbilical cord blood.
First, we studied the in vitro activity of Naturin 2 on hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells (HSCs/HPCs) from human umbilical cord blood. Results reveal that Naturin 2 by itself can influence the growth of these stem cells directly and thereby increase their colony formation. When combined with other stimulating agents, the effect becomes more powerful. Furthermore, the stimulatory effect by Naturin 2 is noted as mediated by both direct (mentioned above) and indirect action on HSCs/HPCs. The indirect action occurs when Naturin 2 is applied to induce the growth factors from helper cells like lymphocytes and phagocytes to form large numbers of colony stimulating factors commonly known as lymphokine-activated killer cells, interleukins (IL-3), and granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factors (GM-CSF). By the same token, when cell production became overly active compromised by antigenic stimuli and antibodies, Naturin 2 is used to effect an inhibitory function by accelerating the release of suppressive cytokines such as tumor necrosis factors (TNF) and interferons to curb this phenomenon.
In summary, these experiments serve to demonstrate the binary, regulatory function of Naturin 2 characterized by its stimulating and inhibiting influences on the cell formation in the human biological defense mechanism. As such, they also suggest strongly the efficacy and possible clinical relevance of Naturin 2 for the treatment of cancer and other diseases arising from an impaired or deficient immune system.
**This Statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Friday, September 13, 2013


I was recommended to take this herb, which I never heard about before. The benefits of this herb is amazing for the immune system, this is an article I found from the Dr. Oz show;

Astragalus Root: Is This Right for You?

Feel fatigued, drained and devoid of energy? Read more about astragalus, an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine that can keep your energy going and get you through the day.
What Is Astragalus?
Astragalus root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries as a restorative tonic; it is considered a sweet, warming herb with effects on many organs. It is used either alone or with other herbs to help with aging, improve energy, and stimulate the immune system during conditions such as the common cold, blood disorders, cancer and HIV/AIDS. It is also used as an adaptogen, which is meant to increase general resistance to stress and disease, and normalize disturbances in your body’s ability to balance itself.
The root is sold as a supplement in tablets of different dosages.
How Does It Work?
There's a special chemical in astragalus that actually slows down the aging process right where it happens, inside of our cells, where the blueprint of our cells resides.
Recent research has shown that this special chemical derived from astragalus can "turn on" an enzyme called telomerase (hTERT). Telomerase acts to maintain or lengthen telomeres, which extend the lifespan of your DNA. If you imagine DNA as a shoelace, telomeres are the plastic aglets at each end. It serves as a protector for your DNA because it keeps it from fraying or damaging. As you age, your telomeres shorten due to wear and tear, which gives your cells an expiration date. However, telomerase helps to preserve telomeres by making them longer. Telemerase is usually "off" in adult cells, except in immune cells, in egg and sperm cells, and in malignant cells, like those found in cancer.
The length of your telomeres is important: Researchers have discovered correlations between telomere length and susceptibility to certain aging-related diseases, like cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks, atherosclerosis, and strokes), diabetes, and cancer.
Is It Safe?
Because of its long history of traditional and clinical use, astragalus is considered to be safe. However, it may increase the risk of bleeding, so caution is advised to those with bleeding disorders or those taking drugs that may increase the risk of bleeding. 
Also avoid using astragalus while pregnant or breastfeeding, due to harmful effects seen in preliminary studies.
How Much Should I Take?
Take 200 mg, twice a day. Take it once in the morning, and once in the evening, with or without food.
Most importantly, The Doctor Oz Show will not and does not promote any particular brand. If you see any ads or receive any e-mails that claim Dr. Oz is promoting or recommending a specific brand, ignore it and let The Dr. Oz Show know about it.
Also, understand that no pill is more effective than maintaining a regular exercise regimen and a healthy diet.

Here is a video I found on more info for cancer patients:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Health benefits of Watercress

I didn't know about watercress, but I was amazed how great it is for you. I found this great article on it's benefits:

(NaturalNews) If watercress is served as a garnishment in a restaurant, don't throw it out. Eat it with the food served. It will help you digest your meal and provide many more health benefits than most know about. As a matter of fact, you'd be wise to mix it in salads or juice it with other veggies often.

Watercress Details

Watercress is a leafy green cruciferous that's been around for a long time. It gets its name from the fact that it originally grew wild along the banks of streams and slow moving rivers. Essentially it is a water plant. They have long green stems with small roundish bright green leaves.

The early Romans and ancient Persians used watercress as a brain food, a nerve tonic, and an aphrodisiac. Perhaps they overdid the latter. It is often used as a throw-away garnish. But its nutrient value is so high its bitter peppery tasting leaves deserve to be eaten uncooked often.

Naturally, raw leaves offer the highest nutrient value. But watercress can be juiced with other vegetables or even used for soups. For soups, place watercress in the water after reaching a boiling point to avoid destroying the nutrients by overheating.

Once you find a good source of organic watercress, you can wrap the leaves around grapes or pineapple chunks and snack with them. You can mix raw watercress leaves with other greens for salads. Many consider watercress too bitter to eat alone. Try it that way first then decide.

Health Benefits

Watercress is considered an anti-aging food, as good as or even better than many herbs used for that purpose. It contains a lot of lutein, which helps improve or maintain eye health despite aging. Watercress is very high in naturally occurring iodine. So high that it is not advised for anyone with hyperthyroidism.

However, hyperthyroidism is rare these days. Hypothyroidism is much more prevalent because iodine nutrients are not common in most modern mineral deficient diets. Hypothyroidism causes lethargy, depression, goiter, and poor metabolism leading to obesity. So unless you're specifically diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, eat as much watercress as you can.

The high iodine content gives watercress a nutritional breakaway value from other cruciferous vegetables. Cruciferous veggies all have cancer preventative nutrients. They are all high in phytonutrient compounds containing different sulfur molecules. Some of those sulfur nutrients assist the liver in its phase two detoxification process.

Cruciferous vegetables also contain enzymes that help the liver manufacture and transfer glutathione to our bodies' cells. Glutathione is considered the master antioxidant because it replenishes and recycles spent antioxidants for more activity to protect cells from oxidative damage.

Don't confuse oxidation or oxidative damage with oxygenation, without which cancer takes over healthy cells. Oxygenation is part of a healthy cell's function to properly metabolize cellular activity and growth while creating energy.

So with sufficient antioxidants preventing cellular damage, whatever enhances oxygenation is welcome. Watercress provides both antioxidant activity and oxygenation. Its high chlorophyll content provides what's essential for oxygenation and red blood cells.

Rotating watercress with other organic cruciferous uncooked or lightly steamed veggies ensures your daily intake of many anti-aging cancer inhibiting nutrients.

Watercress is very low in calories too. You can use it in a cheese sandwich for balancing out all those other calories.

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