Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rebounding Health Benefits

Rebounding is a great exercise for the entire body, especially the lymphatic system.

 Rebounding involves jumping on a mini-trampoline; this promotes circulation. The body contains 5-6 quarts of blood, which is circulated by the heart. But without the lymphatic system, the body cannot effectively eliminate toxins. Exercising on a rebounder for 5-20 minutes at a time will promote the flow of lymph, thereby eliminating toxins.

Poor lymph flow is common in sedentary people; this is one reason why less active individuals are more susceptible to illness. Sedentary people who live on junk food are often unwell because the body sends all the toxins and waste to the lymphatic system. The lymph flow is poor due to a lack of exercise, so toxins accumulate in the body.

Learn more:

 Watch this great video explaining the health benefits of Rebounding. You don't have to jump high or do more than 5 min if you are not able. You will still get the great benefits even with a short time and small bounce.

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