Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Plants Contain Protein

People always ask the same question when I tell them I am a Vegan...."Where do you get your protein?" Plants, that's where I get my protein. I found this article that shows the protein and fat content of many vegetables, I was surprised myself to find out that plants have protein.

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Did you know that all plants contain protein?  Some plants, like peas, are very protein rich with 7 grams of protein in a 3.5 oz serving!  By combining several veggies together, you can actually create a protein-rich meal.
We’ve put together a chart to show the protein and fat content of many common vegetables courtesy of and the Vegetarian Resource Group:
Vegetable (100g) about 3.5 oz Protein content (g) Fat (g)
Asparagus 3 less than 1g
Eggplant 1 less than 1g
Broccoli 3 less than 1g
Brussels sprouts 3 1.4g
Cabbage 1 less than 1g
Carrot 0.5 less than 1g
Cauliflower 3 less than 1g
Celery 0.5 less than 1g
Fennel 1 less than 1g
Squash 1.5 less than 1g
Leek 1.6 less than 1g
Lettuce 0.7 less than 1g
Mushroom 2 less than 1g
Okra 2.4 1g
Onion 0.7 less than 1g
Peas 7 1g
Peppers 1 less than 1g
Potato 1.6 less than 1g
Pumpkin 0.5 less than 1g
Raddish 0.7 less than 1g
Spinach 2 less than 1g
Sweetcorn 2.5 1.5g
Tomatoes 2 1g
Turnip 0.8 less than 1g
Watercress 3 1g
Yam 2 less than 1g   

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