Monday, April 30, 2012

Religion and spirituality have a positive effect on health

Ever notice that most hospitals have chapels and clergy? In a survey of 1,144 U.S. doctors published in a leading medical journal, 85 percent said that religion and spirituality have a positive effect on health. In addition: 76 percent said faith can help people cope with illness. 74 percent said it helps ill people think in a positive way. 55 percent thought religious groups provided good emotional and practical support to the sick. 54 percent believe that at times, a supernatural being intervenes in health car. There is a direct relationship or link between faith or spirituality and health. God made us with a spirit, soul and body and they work together in a marvelous way.
In a study of 87 depressed patients hospitalized for medical conditions like heart disease and stroke, those who scored high on a measure of "intrinsic religiosity" recovered faster from depression than those who scored low on the scale.

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