Sunday, July 8, 2012

Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Papaya Seeds

In the Philippines and in many places around the world, papaya is a healthy fruit available all year round. But, papaya seeds are commonly overlooked and tossed in the trash along with the papaya peel, when preparing papaya salad, or simply eating papaya.

Some people may be aware that papaya seeds, like other seeds, are edible and healthy. They make a great black pepper substitute, as black pepper is a known carcinogen, or cancer causing food.  In some countries, papaya seeds are also used as a breath freshener.

The peppery-tasting papaya seeds may offer a great contrast in flavor to the sweet papaya flesh, but papaya seeds are very healthy for people of all ages.

Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds:

  • Papaya seeds have antibacterial properties. They were found to be effective againstSalmonellaE. coli, and Staphylococcus infections. These infections are the most common forms of bacterial infections in our body.
  • Papaya seeds help eradicate intestinal parasites. Evidence has shown the effectiveness of papaya seeds against human intestinal parasites.
In a study on Nigerian children with intestinal parasites, 76.7% of the children, given a concoction of 20ml of air-dried Carica papaya seeds and honey were cleared of parasites after a 7-day treatment. The treatment showed no significant side effect.
  • Papaya seeds may help prevent kidney failure caused by toxins.
  • Papaya seeds help detoxify the liver. It is believed in Chinese Medicine that a teaspoon of papaya seeds helps detoxify the liver. Naturopathic doctors recommend papaya seeds in the treatment of liver cirrhosis.
*Papaya seeds, however, may contain carpaine, an alkaloid, which when taken in large doses, may not be good for you. Even the best medicines taken in large doses are toxic.

Add Some Papaya Seeds to Your Daily Preventative Care

  • So the next time you slice open a papaya to eat, dare yourself to eat some papaya seeds. The taste is peppery and similar to a weak wasabi (Japanese radish).
  • When you making a papaya shake, you might want to consider adding some papaya seeds into it. Healthy papaya shake can be made by blending ripe papaya, a few papaya seeds, soy milk, coconut sugar or honey, and ice.
  • Or when you’re making salad, sprinkle some ground papaya seeds on top, like you would add some pepper.

Grab any opportunity to add a little bit of papaya seeds to your food!

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