Saturday, August 11, 2012

Diets dont' work, a lifestyle change does

Diets never work because once you are off your "diet" you tend to go back to your old habits. Taking pills to lose weight has been proven to be harmful to our health. Instead, think of just eating healthy and developing healthy eating habits. Plan your daily meals so when you are really hungry you will have healthy choices ready to go. When going out to dinner, plan ahead and think of places that 
offer healthy choices, choose water if you have to drink with your meal, but is best not to drink with your meals. When going to a party, bring a healthy dish that you will be able to eat if they don't have anything healthy for you. Make a lifestyle change and forget the diets that never work. Above all, pray to God for strength, we are weak, but He is strong and we cannot kick our bad habits on our own, but He can do it for us.
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