Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Make your own Vitamin Water

With these hot temperatures everyone needs to make sure to drink plenty of liquids, but our bodies do not need the added sugar some of the drinks that you buy at the store contain. Here is a great idea I found on Homesteading Survivalism. I keep a couple of choices in my refrigerator and my family loves reaching for these delicious cold drinks without any guilt. I also make Hibiscus tea, which 

contains antioxidants, Hibiscus tea's amylase inhibitors, including phaseolamin, affect the way the body absorbs fats and carbohydrates. Amylase is the body enzyme that breaks down complex sugars and starches. Inhibitors cut carb absorption.
Make your own vitamin water. Add fruits instead of sugar for a natural sweetener for your H20. Cut the fruit into paper-thin slices or small chunks. Combine ingredients with water. Refrigerate 4-6 hours and serve over ice. So delicious and very refreshing!
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