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Sugar and your Health

Sugar is one of our worse enemies and has been linked to many of the health problems we are all facing. I was a sugar-holic and it was not easy giving up sugar, but I did it. Since sugar feeds cancer and I am fighting cancer, I avoid sugars as much as possible, not just refined sugar and have learned to enjoy life without sugar. I found this great article with some great tips on getting rid of refined sugars;

The Natural Health and Holistic World According to Dr Akilah El

7 Ways to Get Rid of the Refined Sugar Habit

Increased consumption of sugar has been linked to some serious health issues such as heart diseases and cancer besides the obvious weight issues. It is also believed that our brain releases dopamine which helps to keep our body happy. However, the fact is that every person has unique physical needs. For example, many people do not prefer consuming sweets even in moderation because they don’t feel the urge to have them. However, contrarily, other people constantly nibble on sweet food because their bodies want so.
The dangers of consuming excessive sugar cannot be overlooked which is why we bring for you some incredible ways to get rid of consuming refined sugar:
1. Stop Drinking Sodas and Sweetened Drinks
All soft drinks contain huge quantities of sugar content in them. You consume around 10 teaspoons of sugar in a 12 ounce can. If you can stop drinking these soft drinks you can easily lose a lot of fat. Also, try getting rid of candies and cakes, as these contain the highest amount of sugar and carbohydrates both of which are dangerous for your health.
2. Avoid Consuming or Buying Packaged Foods
All sorts of organic packaged food are rich in sugar content. It is much better to prepare your own snacks such as homemade popcorns over the stovetop. You can even consume raw fruits and vegetables as snacks.
3. Choose Wisely When Eating Out
Whenever you choose to eat out, avoid desserts that are prepared using sugar. Instead, go for desserts prepared using fresh fruit and natural sweeteners such as honey. Prefer fruit smoothies, fruit salads, and other salads prepared using less sugar content and healthy dressings.
4. Try Going Sugar-Free At Least for a Week
This could be the best way to know how much sugar content your body needs on average. Go sugar-free for at least a week so your body starts adapting to the dietary change. This will help you gain a lot of confidence as well.
5. Deal with Sugar Cravings
Succumbing to sugar cravings is the major reason why people collect so much fat around their bodies. You can deal with sugar cravings by opting for foods that have natural sources of sugar. Consume fresh fruit when you wish to eat a bar of chocolate, for example.
6. Restrict You Daily Sugar Intake
You can control a lot of sugar intake by restricting your consumption to up to 2 teaspoons of sugar each day. You can either consume these two teaspoons of sugar at breakfast, during lunch or with snacks at any other time of the day.
7. Enjoy Other Food That You Like
Prepare meals that you like as a substitute for sugar laden food. You can always have healthy yet tasty meals every day. For example, roasted portobello mushrooms  toast nuts, roast squash, prepare dish salad, cook soups and stews, etc. There are several other foods that you can enjoy as well. 

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